Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

UCC Fees

The Register of Deeds records some financing statements and security agreements on personal property under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

A Uniform Commercial Code filing—or UCC filing—is a form of notice that lenders use when securing a borrower’s loan with an asset or group of assets. This enables lenders to seize the listed property as a way of recouping loan funds in the case of borrower default. UCC filings may cover an individual piece of collateral, or a lender can list all of a business’ assets and then only repossess what is necessary to pay off the defaulted loan balance.

Business Service Forms-

UCC Financing Statement UCC 1 https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc1.pdf

UCC Financing Statement Addendum UCC1Ad https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc1Ad.pdf

UCC Amendment UCC 3 https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc3.pdf

UCC Amendment Addendum UCC 3AD https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc3Ad.pdf

UCC Amendment Additional Party UCC 3AP https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc3Ap.pdf

UCC Correction Statement UCC5 https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc5.pdf

UCC Information Search Form UCC11 https://sos.ks.gov/forms/ucc/ucc11.pdf