Commercial Vehicle Tags

Step 1. Call the Treasurer’s Office at 620-532-3461 to make an appointment (services available by appointment only). Commercial tag services are available to Kingman County vehicles ONLY.

Step 2. Bring all relevant materials to your appointment. All commercial tag work will be done in the Driver’s License Office, which is at the northeast corner of the second floor of the Kingman County Courthouse (just north of the Treasurer’s Office). Please allow plenty of time for your appointment.

Step 3. If you would like to drop off your tag documents and return later to complete your registration, please let the clerk know when you make your appointment. A second appointment can be made to complete your commercial tag work. This may be helpful for owners with multiple vehicles.

Step 4. Once the paperwork is complete, pay all fees and receive your renewal/registration.

For any questions about commercial vehicles, please contact the Treasurer’s Office. Motor Vehicle Clerk Jamie Smith will be handling most commercial vehicle tag registrations and renewals.