Early Detection Works

About the Program
Through education, screening, diagnosis and referral for treatment, Early Detection Works strives to reduce death from breast and cervical cancer among the women of Kansas.
Early Detection Works graphic

More than 20,000 Kansas women have been screened through the Early Detection Works program. Over 500 cases of precancerous and invasive breast or cervical cancer have been identified. A total of over 200 women have received treatment for breast or cervical cancer under the Federal Treatment Act.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Kansas women. According to the Kansas Cancer Registry and Office of Vital Statistics, around 2,000 Kansas women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year, with around 400 related deaths. Increasing survival rates depends on early detection through routine mammograms, clinical breast examinations and breast self-examinations. When breast cancer is diagnosed at an early, local stage, five-year survival rates are as high as 97%.


The Early Detection Works program pays for breast and cervical cancer screening services for Kansas women who:
  • Are at least 40 years old but no more than 64 years (women under 40 with breast or cervical health concerns should call toll-free 1-877-277-1368 to find out what resources are available);
  • Do not have health insurance;
  • Meet certain income guidelines.
    For more about eligibility requirements and the program, please go to Early Detection Works.