Motor Vehicle Tag Information

Vehicle license plates in Kansas expire based on the 1st letter in the last name of the person on the title. Renewals on vehicles 16,000 pounds or more and trailers (excluding travel trailers) will be issued beginning January 2.

Expiration Dates

1st Letter of Last Name
Date Tag Expires at Midnight
A February 28 (29th if a Leap Year)
B March 31
C and D
April 30
E, F and G
May 31
H and I
June 30
J, K and L
July 31
M, N and O
August 31
P, Q and R
September 30
S October 31
T, V and W
November 30
U, X, Y and Z
December 31
Vehicle Registration
Kansas plates and registrations are renewed annually - there is no grace period on plate expiration. To renew, you will need the following:
  • Prior registration, renewal notice, plate number and VIN number of vehicle
  • Proof of current insurance - State law says if you do not show current proof of insurance, you will not be issued a tag

Insurance renewal notices and bills from insurance companies are not accepted as proof of insurance.

Purchase from a Dealer
To register a vehicle purchased from a dealer, you will need:
  • Everything stapled to the title
  • Proof of current insurance
  • Sales tax receipt
  • Title in purchaser’s name
Purchase from a Private Party
To register a privately purchased vehicle, you will need:
  • Bill of sale
  • Proof of current insurance
  • Title to the vehicle purchased
If the title is an out-of-state title, a VIN inspection must be completed before a tag can be issued. Please note that vehicle inspections are exact cash only.

Inspections are done locally by the Kingman Police Department or Officer Jan Smith, Norwich for $20. Salvage/non-highway inspections are done by the Kansas Highway Patrol for $25 - please call 316-744-0451 for an appointment. 

Temporary Registration
For a temporary registration (60-day permit), you will need:
  • Proof of current insurance
  • Title to the vehicle you are tagging