Public Works

Have you ever commented about how well-maintained Kingman County roads are? Have you noticed that during the winter, the roads are maintained and passable, regardless of the sometimes extreme weather conditions in Kansas? Has a critical bridge been repaired in your township? All are possible because of the hard-working Kingman County Public Works department employees.
The department is responsible for the entire Kingman County road system, which consists of approximately 250 miles of roads - 245 miles of which are asphalt.
A white building behind a barb-wire fence


Work done by Public Works includes the maintenance and construction of 1,000 bridge structures throughout Kingman County. Public Works also operates the Kingman County Construction/Demolition landfill located southwest of Kingman, as well as maintaining the county street and avenue signing system. The signing system is critical for 911 coordination so when there is an emergency, responders can find the location quickly and efficiently.


The department has 17 full-time employees. Key positions are:
  • Charles Arensdorf, Public Works Director
  • Bart Jackson, County Road Supervisor
  • Misty Jacobs, Administrative Support
  • Steve Bachenberg, Consulting Engineer


Public Works' goal is to give county residents the best transportation system possible and to provide services that enhance public safety. These goals are accomplished by making effective use of available funding - truly your tax dollars at work! 

As roads and bridges continue to age and wear and the price of products used to build and repair this infrastructure continues to spiral upward, it will be a challenge to meet the many diverse transportation needs of the county. But Kingman County Public Works employees will continue to work harder and smarter to meet this challenge now and in the future.