County Clerk

Services Provided

The Kingman County Clerk's office provides many different services for the residents of Kingman County. Services include:
  • Accounts payable
  • Assisting the public with Federal tax forms
  • Attending County Commission meetings
  • Conducting elections
  • Establishing levies
  • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • Maintaining the Election Voting Information System
  • Monitoring fish and game sales
  • Overseeing the county budget
  • Overseeing townships
  • Posting deeds
  • Providing Homestead and State forms
  • Taking care of the County's payroll and benefits
  • Working with abstracts


The Clerk's office has three full-time employees, two in addition to the clerk.
  • Deputy County Clerk Carolyn McClaflin manages the County's accounts payable.
  • Benefits/Payroll Clerk Tiffany Aumiller manages those matters for County employees.
  • County Clerk Carol Noblit is also the Election Officer. She manages all elections and election preparations.

County Clerk

County Clerk Carol Noblit is passionate about her employees being skilled in every office task so they can best serve and assist the public. The staff of the Clerk's office is dedicated to good customer service.