Community Service


Community Service oversees the placement of and work performed by individuals who are assigned community service hours by such entities as Community Corrections, the County Attorney, Court Services and the District Court.


The philosophy of the program is to make offenders accountable and, hopefully, encourage them to become responsible citizens by working for governmental or non-profit organizations in the community. Numerous not-for-profit and government organizations benefit from this program every year.

Gain Experience

Many Community Service individuals gain experience with other workers and work sites that allow for new, positive work experiences. These experiences provide an opportunity to learn new job skills. A few individuals even gain future paid job contacts. Many of these offenders discover that their work is truly appreciated at their assigned work sites.


Community Service workers, who range in age from 12 - 60 years old, provide free of charge, "volunteer" work. Their activities include:
  • Building
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Filing
  • Painting
  • Reading to the elderly
  • Spraying
  • Sweeping
  • Typing
  • Washing


During the Christmas season, community service workers may serve as bell ringers for the Salvation Army. The Kingman County Fair also uses this free labor to prepare food for fair-goers. For a family mentoring activity, community service labor helped set up a swing set and assisted in a substantial way on work done on the Saddle and Roper's building. That project was a significant undertaking; workers sealed, painted, sheet rocked walls, built a closet and installed doors.


The Community may have the misconception that community service is little more than having criminals pick up trash from a littered street. But in reality, it goes far beyond that limited scope. Community service programs can genuinely be a win-win for all involved. It is, literally, an opportunity for something positive to happen after a negative event. As with all things in life, the individual must only have the desire to take advantage of the opportunity - and community service provides that chance!